USDA Support for Home Energy Improvements 

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) assists very low-income homeowners with energy cost-reducing home improvements. The USDA offers 20-year, 1-percent interest rate loans to install solar panels, wood pellet boilers, energy efficient heat pumps, or to weatherize homes and make energy efficiency improvements. Assistance comes from the USDA’s Home Repair Loan and Grant Program that provides financing to homeowners with incomes below fifty percent of the state’s median income to improve the health, safety and efficiency of their homes. Grants for health and safety improvements are available to seniors.

Homeowners interested in learning more about the program can visit the USDA Rural Development website or contact a housing specialist in their area. Specialists include: Deborah Boyd (Southern Vermont), (802) 689-3023; Megan Roush (Central Vermont) (802) 828-6006; Rita Weisburgh (Northwestern Vermont) (802) 828-6003; or Dianne Drown (Northeast Kingdom) (802) 748-8746 ext. 125.

See the USDA’ s Energy Programs Brochure  to learn more about how USDA Rural Development can help businesses, families and organizations in your town invest in energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements

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