Transportation Grassroots Grants

Go Vermont Grassroots Grants for Energy Committees


Project Opportunity:

The VTrans Public Transit Section is offering grants to municipalities to assist in building a statewide outreach and advocacy network for the Go Vermont Program ( VTrans will provide a $500 grant to participating municipal energy committees.

Go Vermont is a web-based clearinghouse for all transportation modes in Vermont, featuring an automated carpool, vanpool and public transit matching service, a vanpool program, information for State Park and Ride locations, and a link to “511” traffic conditions. In effect, the framework and services have been established for Go Vermont, and the focus has now shifted toward building program participation to achieve the necessary critical mass for rideshare matches, and toward facilitating efficient transportation options versus continued operation of single occupancy vehicles. To this end, the project objectives are as follows:

  • Broaden Go Vermont outreach efforts
  • Build relationships with local committees and advocates
  • Identify local and regional transportation priorities and activities
  • Increase traffic to the Go Vermont website and tools (
  • Focus regional and local initiatives and advocacy efforts
  • The ultimate goal of this program is to increase program awareness, carpool registrations, numbers of vanpools and general activity on the Go Vermont website.

Suggested Activities:

  • Present program and materials at events held in your municipality (e.g. farmer’s mkts, fairs, holiday events)
  • Post promotional materials at the municipal offices and on local business and community bulletin boards
  • Meet and work with participating local employers to promote and advocate for the efficient transportation services offered through Go Vermont.
  • Present program and materials at a selectboard meeting and at the annual Town Meeting.
  • Host a special event to address transportation costs and options
  • Perform a door-to-door campaign, sharing information and dropping off promotional materials
  • Promote and advocate for plug-in electric vehicles (EVs) and infrastructure
  • Place a Go Vermont sign at municipal Park and Ride(s)
  • Additional efforts to help build awareness and to support efficient transportation choices

Contact Ross MacDonald at for more details.  Let’s work together to reduce transportation costs and pollution!

2 Responses to “Transportation Grassroots Grants”
  1. Barbara Simoes says:

    I am interested in creating more ‘charging stations’ for electric vehicles. Just like we have handicapped parking, I would like to see spots dedicated to EV’s. Honestly, I don’t see people using too much public transit in VT. I tried carpooling with someone, and our schedules never meshed. It was too hard. I think Vermonters are an independent lot, and we will continue to hop in our individual cars for convenience. The trick is to get it so EV’s are more accessible and usable. What kind of incentives are in the works to promote this mode of transportation? I know that the state wants to convert its fleet, but that really doesn’t help the everyday commuter. Are there grants available to install home and business charging stations? We have a charging station in Middlebury, but it is so out of the way that it seems quite self-serving to those who work at that location. If a charging station could be placed at Hannaford’s, Shaw’s or municipal parking area, it would seem more community-friendly. I am not on any municipal energy committee, but as an individual, I was hoping that you could steer me in the right direction.

    • admin says:

      Hi Barbara,

      Great stuff! First, I would recommend contacting the folks at the Vermont Energy Investment Corporation, if you haven’t already, with questions concerning incentives that may be available currently. They are leading Project Get Ready efforts and would be the best resource for that information. For more info on Project Get Ready, check the link:

      I would also encourage you to attend any of the upcoming forums on the state’s Comprehensive Energy Plan, as transportation is one of the key issues we will be discussing. Also, the VECAN Conference will be a great resource and venue to continue the conversation on EVs. That information can be found on our site.

      Lastly, I would encourage you to get involved with your town energy committee or if you do not have one, start one! Motivated Vermonters, such as yourself, are an invaluable asset to our growing energy and climate action community.



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