Energy efficiency is the cleanest, cheapest and most abundant energy resource available in the United States today. Here you can find links to resources to help you and your committee organize activities to save energy and money.



Renewable energy – solar, wind, biomass, hydro and geothermal – offers an increasingly important opportunity to move away from increasingly expensive, scarce and polluting fossil fuels. Link to information about how to help generate clean, green renewable energy in your community.



Tight-knit development supports greater opportunities for efficiency and conservation, renewable energy generation and biking, taking the bus, riding the train and carpooling. Maintaining and strengthening Vermont’s traditional development patterns – compact communities surrounded by open countryside – can help save energy and foster resilient, self-sustaining 21st century communities.



Education and advocacy are key to successful efforts to save energy, create renewable generation opportunities and ensure action on climate change. There are many great resources in the sate who are working to get Vermonters aware of, inspired by and engaged in community and state-level efforts to chart a homegrown, efficient, renewable energy future for Vermont.



More and more Vermonters are working to ‘relocalize’ their communities, which means they are working to produce more food, energy and goods locally. There are many great relocalization organizations and resources to help town energy communities think about energy- and carbon-saving creatively and to implement programs to achieve local self reliance.



While most energy initiatives are cost-effective, resulting in a profitable return on investment, selected projects and initiatives – including supporting a part-time energy coordinator – may require modest funds to implement and sustain. Find out about a wide variety of potential funding sources available to support your efforts.

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