Projects and Initiatives

Regional Energy Roundtables

Find an event near you! More here.

Starting a Town Energy Committee

All around Vermont, town energy committees are leading the way in energy and climate action.  Learn more about starting, strengthening, and maintaining an effective committee.

Going Solar

Vermonters are finding innovative ways to bring renewable energy to their communities by combining resources and sharing benefits.

Energy Planning

Planning is a powerful tool that lays the foundation for Vermont’s energy future. Learn how to implement energy planning at the municipal level, and move the state’s comprehensive energy plan forward.

Grassroots Energy and Climate Action

Learn what communities around Vermont are doing to address our energy needs and develop local solutions to the climate crisis.

Property Assessed Clean Energy

PACE is an exciting financing mechanism that makes it easier for Vermonter’s to finance weatherization and renewable energy projects. Learn how to implement PACE, and discover how other towns are utilizing it.

Thermal Efficiency Efforts

Learn more about how your community can educate and mobilize residents to undertake low-cost weatherization upgrades, and locate other communities that have implemented community weatherization projects.

Drive Electric Vermont

Electric vehicles (EVs) save money on gasoline and maintenance costs, are fun to drive, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and eliminate other harmful tailpipe pollutants. Check out Drive Electric Vermont for more info.

Vermont Bioenergy Initiative

Vermont farmers, entrepreneurs and researchers are building an alternative model of bioenergy production that is small-scale, community focused, economical, and sustainable.

Biomass Boilers

More and more Vermont schools and communities are turning to biomass to heat their buildings.

Solar Hot Water Initiatives

Solar hot water systems make sense for Vermonters. Learn more about efforts that have gone on, and are going on right now, so that you can prepare your town for a push to solar hot water heating.

Town Street Lighting Campaigns

Take a look at the street lighting campaigns around Vermont that are reducing costs, saving energy, and protecting dark skies.