Welcome to VECAN!

VECAN is the network of support organizations and over 100 town energy committees across Vermont. Town energy committees are leading a powerful grassroots response to the pressing need to be more energy efficient and generate more in-state renewable energy, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. These local energy groups are shaping conversations about how Vermont will meet its future energy needs and through their actions are demonstrating that a clean energy future is possible


Model Communities Program

The Climate Economy Model Communities Program is a great opportunity for Vermont communities interested in modeling state-of-the-art rural economic development in a time of climate change.

Moving Forward on Climate – Without Washington: A Reality Check with Senator Bernie Sanders

Join a LIVE webinar with Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders on Wednesday, February 8 at 7 p.m.  to hear what Bernie thinks a fossil fuel-favoring administration means for the world’s most pressing environmental challenge – and what we can do about it.

Solar in Your Community Webinar

We had an informative webinar and great discussion with about 30 interested Vermonters about the Solar in Your Community Challenge yesterday.  If you couldn’t attend or want to revisit it watch the webinar here.

The Solar in Your Community Challenge is offering $5 million in cash prizes and technical assistance over 18 months, for communities to work together to create replicable, innovative business and financial models that expand solar to low- and moderate-income households. Because not all Americans own their rooftop, the Challenge aims to spur the development of inclusive solutions—like community solar—to help even more Americans go solar.


VECAN Conference 2016

We want to extend a big thank you to everyone who was able to attend the 9th Annual VECAN Conference and all the partners and sponsors who made the day possible. If you attend a workshop that you want to revisit or weren’t able to attend it and want to check out what you missed – scroll down until you see the workshop and click the hyperlinked presenter name to access their presentation.

Community Solar Toolbox

Solar1 Find tools, tips, models and more!