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Does Your Town Energy Committee Need to Reach Neighbors?  Try Front Porch Forum


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Would your Town Energy Committee benefit from being able to reach a majority of households in your community–for free–with a click on the keyboard?  That’s just what many TECs do with their local Front Porch Forums.  You can too!

Front Porch Forum helps neighbors connect and build community.  Michael Wood-Lewis and his wife Valerie started FPF in their Burlington neighborhood in 2006.  Since then, local FPFs have spread to every town in Vermont.  More than 75,000 households participate.  People use their FPFs to recommend contractors, recruit volunteers, find missing dogs, report break-ins, borrow ladders and much more.

The Richmond TEC, for example, uses FPF to get the word out about meetings and programs, as well as to solicit input from residents. 1,900 people subscribe to the Richmond FPF (in a town of only 1,600 households).  It’s the most powerful communication tool in town.

FPF recently doubled its coverage area in Vermont to reach the entire state.  The more people participate in their forums, the more vibrant they become.  Now is a great time to get the word out.  Send neighbors to to register for this free service.  You can also download a local FPF flyer, or contact for other ideas on how to grow your local FPF.

Lynn Espey

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Connect with more neighbors in 2014!  

Send them to to join… now available in every VT town.

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