VECAN is a network of statewide Vermont organizations helping communities across the Green Mountain State to reduce energy costs and climate impacts through conservation, increased energy efficiency and conversion to renewable energy sources.

VECAN project partners include  Efficiency Vermont, Energy Action NetworkNew England Grassroots Environment Fund,  Vital Communities, Net Zero Vermont  and the Vermont Natural Resources Council. The Vermont Natural Resources Council serves as the coordinator of VECAN. Contact VECAN Coordinator Johanna Miller at jmiller@vnrc.org.

VECAN’s mission is to start, support and strengthen town energy committees. To that end, VECAN works to:

  • Serve as an information resource and clearinghouse: VECAN connects town energy committees with the tools, resources, and initiatives they need through regional energy network gatherings, an annual conference, our website, special events, email communications and more.
  • Provide direct technical assistance and education: VECAN works with town energy and climate action committees in several ways, including lending direct technical assistance on projects and programs – such as energy planning, energy efficiency initiatives, transportation projects, general organizing support and much more.
  • Facilitate networking among communities and resource providers: VECAN works to connect committees with the organizations and resources they need. VECAN also works to help foster communication and collaboration among local energy committees by encouraging communities to work together regionally.

How We Can Help

VECAN can help your town energy committee with:

  • Energy Planning: Developing a local energy and climate action plans, or the energy chapter of the town master plan;
  • New Town Energy Committees: Establishing a new town energy committee in your community;
  • Municipal Energy Use: Reducing municipal energy consumption by sharing information on energy efficiency and renewable energy programs from other Vermont communities;
  • Existing Town Energy Committees: Building the capacity of your town energy committee, including how to organize volunteers;
  • Energy Fairs: Organizing a town energy/sustainability fair or festival;
  • Information Referral: Providing information referrals on financial and technical support;
  • Educational Workshops: Conducting and organizing educational workshops;
  • Regional Energy Meetings: Coordinating regional networking meetings to foster information exchange among local energy committees;
  • Energy/Greenhouse Gas Inventories: Providing technical assistance on how to develop an energy and/or greenhouse gas inventory of your community or local government;
  • Community-Based Energy Programs: Providing technical know-how on programs to reduce energy consumption of residents and businesses in your community
  • Informational Materials: Providing informational materials for public education and outreach

We welcome new town energy committees to join us and strengthen our mutual efforts to reduce energy use and the impacts of global warming at the state, local, and personal levels. Contact the VECAN team at jmiller@vnrc.org.

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